Taylors 1896 Single Harvest 75 cl.

VERY Limited bottles in the store.


A journey of 125 years back in time - the year is 1896.

This rare port wine and its character have been shaped over time.

Taylors has very valuable reserves in its historic cellars in Porto with very old barrels of port wine in. In these barrels there are a few unique gems, each of which represents a small amount of wine. At the discretion of the family, these rare wines have been launched as Limited Editions. With this invaluable 125-year-old port wine stored in handmade oak barrels, produced in the year 1896, which was one of the finest vintages of the 19th century. This vintage was the beginning of an honor after the renewal of vineyards in the Douro Valley after Phylloxers who had ravaged Portugal and the rest of Europe.

These carafes, with Taylor's 1896 Single Harvest, have been produced and designed as well as released individually hand-blown and finished by skilled craftsmen, which also makes each bottle unique.

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