Abuelo XII Two Oaks Panama

Abuelo XII Anos Two Oaks is a lovely soft rum from Varela Hermanos in Panama. It is a 12-year-old rum that has been stored in two characteristic oak barrels. First in carefully selected ex-bourbon barrels and then in brand new and extra charred American oak barrels. The dishes are carefully selected and treated in Napa Valley, California. They are roasted at 180 ° C for a long 60 minutes to gently open the wood, and then the heat is turned up to 220 ° C to achieve the deep charring of the desired 8 mm. This two-step process allows the Abuelo XII Anos Two Oaks to draw an incredible amount of flavor from the wood, creating a natural carbon filter that provides an exceptionally soft Two Oaks finish. Nose: great aroma of oak, light smoke and fine notes of vanilla, coffee and roasted almonds. Taste: prominent oak notes with a special smoky sweetness. Caramel, spices, and roasted coffee beans with fine notes of cola and nuts. 40% - 70cl.

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