Collectors Series rum no. 1 GunPowder Proof Imperial Navy 57,18% Romdeluxe

It is a blend consisting of rum from 4 different countries, just as was done in the past when navy rum was blended.

10 years old Trinidad 28%

10 years old Barbados 22%

11 years old Jamaica 26%

11 years old Guyana 24%

It is GunPowder Proof, and is tapped at 57.18% ABV. A total of 989 bottles are bottled.

No sugar or color has been added to this rum, nor has it been bottled unfiltered.


Aroma: Here you can sense notes of Vanilla, caramel, coconut, roasted oak and ripe banana
Taste notes: sweet taste of vanilla and coconut, demerara sugar and oak with a touch of diesel.

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