Compagnie Des Indes 13 years Trinidad Rum 60,7% TDK83

Compagnie des Indes
13 years Trinidad Rum 60.7%

If you don't remember – or have never heard of – Ten Cane, the short version of the story is that Ten Cane was built by Louis Voutton Moët Hennessy in the mid-'00s for the purpose of making pot still-distilled rum on fresh sugar cane juice in Trinidad. Unfortunately, the distillery succumbed and had to close before the room found its audience, which is why the casks from Ten Cane are incredibly rare (and sought after) today.

This edition from Compagnie des Indes Single Cask is only made for the Danish market!

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Compagnie des Indes
Trinidad Rum

Single Cask - Cask Strength
Origin: Trinidad
Distillery: Ten Cane
Age: 13 years old
Distilled: May. 2008
Bottled: July. 2021
Barrel no.: TDK83
Bottles in all: 275
Strength: 60,7%


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