Limited Series Batch 1 years old Ghana Rum 60,3% RomdeLuxe

Limited Series Batch
1 year old Ghana 60.3% RomdeLuxe

It is part of a development project in Ghana.
The rum is made from fresh sugar cane juice. It is potstill distilled and then aged in Denmark in a 130 L American Virgin oak cask. This dish is brand new and virgin. Already after a short time, we could see that the rum developed violently, and we have therefore tasted and checked it regularly. The end result is this rum, which ended up being aged for 7 months in casks before bottling. It is bottled unfiltered, and there were only 188 bottles of this exciting rum.

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Limited Series Batch
Ghana Rum

Origin: Ghana
Class: Sugar cane juice
Distilled: 2020
Bottled: March 2021
Marque: ARC
Aged: 7 months in American virgin oak cask.
Still type: Potstill - Double distillation.
Bottles in all: 188
Continental aging.
Strength: 60,3%


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