Plantation Extreme no. 5 Barbados WIRD 47,8% 2022

Plantation Rum Extreme Series V 2000
West Indies Rum Distillery - Barbados

Extreme Series 5
Origin: Barbados
Distilled in: 2000
Bottled in 2022
Number of bottles: 924
Tropical - 5 years in Bourbon casks
Continental: 14 years in Bourbon casks + 2 years in Ferrand Cognac Casks.
Distillation: Gregg pot still
Strength: 47,8%


Each Plantation Rum Extreme bottle is rare and exceptional collector´s item. We select these rums for their incomparable quality and bottle them straight from the cask, to capture their remarkable character. The Extreme Series 5 spotlights three limited editions, all distilled at West Indies Rum Distillery in Barbados, the island where rum was born. These expressions - from 1986, 2000 and 2007 - are ambassadors of Barbados´ ebullient culture of rum.

West Indies Rum Distillery was founded on Brighton Beach in 1893 by George Stade, a genius inventor whose dream was to make the world´s best rum. His secrets are preserved in archieves in the Distiller´s vault at W.I.R.D. Today, Alexandre Gabriel, Plantation Rum Master Blender revives this spirit of innovation with a constant stream of experiments in fermentation, distillation and ageing, exploring ancestral techniques with fresh eyes.


Plantation Rum Extreme Series V proudly features artwork by Barbadian artist Alex Mars, whose vibrant images captures the creative of energy of Barbados.

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