Plantation Rum Vintage Collection Australian 2007 49,3%

Plantation Rum
Vintage Collection Australian 2007 49,3%

One-Time Limited Edition
Product of: Australia
Year: 2007
Double aged rum: 14 aged years
13 years: Tropical ageing - Queensland, Australia
1 years: Continental ageing - Javrezac, France
Casks: 21
Strength: 49,3%

Plantation Rum Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel selects unique rum expressions based on local heritage and production methods. For the first time in Plantation´s history, he gave prominence to Australia´s great rum terroir, handpicked the otmost casks from Beenleigh Artisan Distillery, the country´s oldest registered distillery.

Alexandre and his team came up with this exclusive product all the way from Queensland, Australia. In Plantation Rum´s signature double-ageing technique, the rum then travelled in casks by sea to the southwest of France, where it was further matured in French oak barrels.

Local molasses, exclusive proprietary yeast and pure rainwater are left to ferment for twelve days, then distilled in a unique copper pot still, creating a heavier style rum with balanced complexity. This Australia 2007 is the interpretation of decades-old rum-making techniques. It highlights the authentic savoir-faire, passion and dedication of this artisans behind the distillery.

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