Plantation Vintage Collection N. 3 Terravera Fiji 2004 50,3%

Plantation Rum
Vintage Collection N°3 – Terravera

Plantation Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel's Journey: A Story of Distinctive Excellence

Plantation Master Blender Alexandre Gabriel's dedication to exploring rum's diverse terroir is a lifelong passion. From the Caribbean, the very birthplace of this famous spirit, to the far corners of the South Pacific, his journey has led to the creation of a unique rum like no other.
In collaboration with the talented Master Distiller from Rum Co. in Fiji, Liam Costello, Alexandre embarked on a meticulous mission. The result: a masterful selection of just 18 casks of 2004 vintage column still rum, each refined through a unique coconut charcoal filtration process.
These select casks aged gracefully for 17 years in Fiji's tropical embrace, absorbing the essence of the region before embarking on an epic journey spanning two oceans. Your destination? Southwest France, where they continued to mature for a further two years in the prestigious Ferrand Cognac casks.

Alexandre's choice is a testament to the art of rum making. Bursting with power and structure, this rum carries just a hint of smoke that adds intrigue to its character. The journey of your senses begins with intense notes of coffee, vanilla and fudge on the nose. As you delve deeper, you will reveal the layers of fruity and spicy notes, illuminated by the zest of citrus peel and deepened by the richness of the tobacco.
The experience reaches its peak with an extra long finish that lingers on your palate like a treasured memory. The grand finale is a harmonious symphony of cherry, clove and cocoa that leaves you with an indelible impression of excellence.
This rum is more than just a spirit; it's a testament to a master blender's relentless pursuit of perfection. It is an invitation to enjoy the culmination of skill, art and time. Plantation's Viti rum is a celebration of a remarkable journey, a journey through terroirs and a sensory masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on your palate. Experience the extraordinary in every sip.

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Plantation Rum
One-time limited edition

Vintage Collection N°3 – Terravera
Product of: Fiji Island
Aged: 19 aged years
Double aged rum:
Tropical: Lautoka, Fiji - 17 years
Continental: Javrezac, France . 2 years
Strength: 50,3%


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