Renegade Pre Cask Old Bacolet Grenada 50%

Renegade Cane Rum
Single Farm Origin - Pre-Cask

Farm: Old Bacolet
Field: Josh
Cain variaty: Cain
Harvested: 30/11-03/12/2020
Distilled: 05-06/12/2020
Bottled: 05-07/07/2021
Still Type: Pot Still
Strength: 50%

The cane plant, Rum´s primary indredient, is the natural source of its flavour. Thus the land on which it grows & its microclimate determines its character. Therefore we choose to explore the terroirs of Grenada - Captured here as fresh, vibrant spirit before cask ageing.

On the southern coast, protected from the full force of the Atlantic trade winds, Old Bacolet was one of the first areas to be cultivated by the French. A flat flood plain between two small rivers, these alluvial soils –Plains Clay Loam and Woburn Clay – and a high water table produce lush cane. For this rum we harvested the quick-growing variety we call Cain from Josh’s field, which stands on the terroir known as Riverside.

At Old Bacolet farm an extensive vista of cane made up of multiple varieties thrives across almost 25 acres. The land – close to the coast, but far enough inland that the soil is rich and moist – has been farmed since the 1800s. Indeed sporadic coconut, papaya, mango and other trees in and around the fields still showcase the land’s fertile value. The river that flows through Old Bacolet brings a cooling breeze on the way to the sea.

We believe in a novel approach to create the most sophisticated rum. Our answer lies with the cane plant grown on the caribbean island of Grenada. It is on our windward island farm that terroir - that beguiling interaction of soil, microclimate & place - Influences growth, life, & is thus the very birth of our natural flavour.
The terroir of Grenada stand on dormant volcanos, in the face of salt-laden, atlantic trade winds, or nestled in fertile river basins. Each one yields up different flavours, individual characters - if one chooses to search for them.

The modern marvel that is the Renegade Rum Distillery was cinceived precisely with this purpose in mind: To mill & distill fresh cane harvested for ultimate provenance - Farm by farm, terroir by terroir, field by field.

Purity of flavour, intensity of definition an artisanal belief, rejecting accepted industry processes & additives, to reveal the true essence of place.

This is for the curious of mind, the quizzical of spirit, to explore with us the boundaries of real rum, to find our answer to the "What if?"

One place, One Farm, At a time.

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