Wild Series rum no. 30 30 years Trinidad Rum 59,9% RomDeLuxe

Wild Series Rum No. 30
30 years Trinidad Distillers Limited Rum 62.3% RomdeLuxe

This rum has been distilled at Trinidad Distillers Limited. It is distilled in a multi-column continuous distillation. Trinidad Distillers Limited was founded back in 1949. They use sugarcane molasses are the source for their fermentations. Besides that, the cultivate their own yeast strain, which ads the distinctive flavor notes to the rum. The year 1991 is known as one of the best vintages of Trinidads rums.

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Wild Series Rum No. 30
Trinidad Single Cask

Distilled at: Trinidad Distillers Limited
Distilled: Dec. 1991
Bottled: June 2022
Age: 30 years old
Aged in: Ex-Bourbon cask
Tropical and continental aged
Column and
Bottles in all: 161
Strength: 59,9%


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