Wild Series rum no. 31 Uitvlugt 32 years Single Cask Rum 63,4% RomDeLuxe

Wild Series Rum No. 31
32 year Uitvlugt rum 63,4% RomdeLuxe

- Bottled for Eriksen Vinhandel
This rum has been distilled on a pot still called Port Mourant. Which os the only double wooden pot still in the world, stil active producing rum. Because it has been producing rums since 1732, it makes these fantastic tasteful rums because of the flavours added by the wooden tub. This rum was distilled at Uitvligt distillery 10 years before is was closed in 1999. After that the Port Mourant pot still was moved to Diamond distillery, where it still active. This rum has been aged in a malt whisky barrel, which has been giving the rum another aromatic dimension.

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Wild Series Rum No. 31
Guyana Single Cask

Bottled for Eriksen Vinhandel
Distilled at: Uitvlugt Distillery
Distilled: Oct. 1989
Bottled: June 2022
Age: 32 years old
Aged in: Malt Whisky Cask
Tropical and continental aged
Marque: MPMM
Bottles in all: 211
Strength: 63,4%


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