Alipus San Juan Mezcal 48%

Alipús was founded in 1999 and started as an alternative project supported by Los Danzantes Distillery. The idea was to create a map of Oaxacan mezcals that shows how the conditions in which they are each produced differ the final product, with different soils, water and climates having a unique impact on the country where each mezcal is grown.

Alipús seeks to promote and develop awareness of traditional mezcal producers in Oaxaca - especially of their knowledge and high quality products. San Juan del Rio from Alipús is a mezcal made from 100% agave espadine. The distillery is a kind of cooperative where more people can make use of the four copper pot stills. Once the agave is harvested, it is baked in an underground stone oven. A horse pulls the wide stone wheel, which crushes the agave before fermenting in open pots of pine and distilling twice pot stills of copper.

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