Gents Swiss Roots tonic

A tonic water which is the diametric opposite of the sweet and fruity Spanish tonic water. From the mountains of Switzerland comes a real Alpine tonic that is completely its own. In addition to the obligatory quinine, it is supplemented with bitter root from the local flower, Gul Ensian, which in Latin is called Gentiana Lutea - hence the name Gents. The flower grows wild in the Jura Mountains, and is also used as a natural medicine. Gents contain Sicilian lemons and the natural sweetness it gets from sugar beets. Gents Tonic is an excellent all round tonic water, and goes especially well with Ferdinand's Saar Dry Gin, Monkey 47, Hermø or Tanqueray No. Ten. Use Lime Slices instead of Lemon to get the perfect enjoyment and all the nuances m

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