Bajika Balkan Vodka 88% 176 proof

Bajika Vodka
Premium Strength Small Batch

Distilled according to an old recipe
Distilled from 5 cereals
Rye, wheat, oats, corn and barley
Produced and bottled in Czech Republic.
Strength: 88% (176 proof)

With 16 warnings from the producer, this is a vodka you must have respect for! - The producer advises against drinking it neat, but instead suggests using it in drinks, which will give the drink an interesting flavor impression of this pure vodka.

This vodka is made in small batches, so you see very small amounts of this vodka. It is 88% and at the same time made from 5 different types of grain, so there is plenty of flavor in this vodka. The vodka is distilled 3 times and achieves an alcohol percentage of 93% - Subsequently, they add very little water to hit the 88% that is in the vodka.

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