Elg Vodka Stone Grange 40%

Elg Vodka
Small Batch

Batch no.: 005
Total bottles: 252
Year: 2018
Produced by: Stone Grange
Strength: 40%

Elg vodka is made from the finest wheat alcohol which is distilled through pure 24 carat gold. Each batch distilled produces 252 bottles, and all are assigned a unique batch and bottle number.


The distillery was established in 2009 and has produced aquavit, absinth, marc and brandy. Brandy and marc are made from grapes from the distillery’s own vineyards.

The distillery is located close to Fredensborg with land down to Lake Esrum and has its own vineyards. The distillation is carried out with handmade copper column distillation apparatus originating from Germany. The distillery has equipment for bottling onsite and houses a high-tech laboratory with a gas chromograph amongst other things, which is used for quality assurance. Henrik Elsner is a bioorganic chemist and the master distiller at the distillery. Henrik Elsner’s vision is to produce authentic spirits by combining excellent craftsmanship with solid scientific principles.


Elg is the nickname of our Master Distiller Henrik Elsner.

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