Ardbeg Anthology 13 years old Islay Single Malt Whisky 46%

Ardbeg Anthology
13 years old Islay Single Malt Whisky

A gripping yarn:
A first for the distillery and the first in this Anthology Collection, this spirit is the outcome of a battle between smoke and sweet. Ardbeg´s unmistakable character tussles with the richness of the Sauternes casks. Inspired by the seldom-seen Harpy - a winged beast said to inhabit Islay - This bottle is an ode to the rarest and most unbelievable of encounter.

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The Harpy's tale:
Locals were getting twitchy about mysterious disappearances.

There´s an appetite for all things rare at Ardbeg. Dugga, Head Warehousemen and novice ornithologist, lays claim to the rarest of encounters whilst tracking down the supposedly winged culprit of an undergarment theft.

Believing it to be a resident golden eagle nicking the knickers, he set up the Mull of Oa to crack the case. But what transpired down was meeting far rarer that any feathered fowl....

Binoculars and bottle safely stowed, the eagle-eyed Dugga lay in wait. Suddenly, a shrill screech pierced the air and without warning a wingtip revealed itself. ´The folk back at the Distillery are never going ti believe me´, he thought. And he was rigth.

It was no eagle. It was Harpy. The head of a human and the body of an eagle, it´s said to control storms with the flap of its wings. But as we now know, it´s moreinterested in hosiery than hurricanes. Returning to the Distillery, a bottle of Ardbeg lighter, his story remains just an unbelievable to this very day...

Whisky matured in sought-after Sauternes wine casks meets Ardbeg matured in classic ex-bourbon. Bottled in tribute to the lesser-spotted Islay creature, The Harpy Tale is the first delicious edition in the Ardbeg Anthology Collection.


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