Mosgaard Whisky Single Cask French Oak 60,7%

When Mosgaard had their virtual whiskey tasting with the Cask Experiment series, it was especially one of the casks out of the 7 that Mosgaard had chosen, which was something very special and for itself and impressed the whole panel, who tasted these whiskeys up against each other, and more of these people would just like to have used this dish bottle and stand alone. This dish was 50 liters of new French oak.

Mosgaard's French oak barrels are otherwise used as a presumption for other releases, as they give some exciting spicy notes to the whiskey, but usually in these French barrels there are so many tannins that they are not usually used for a complete storage. This cask which was part of the tasting for the Cask Experiment series, was then this which refuted these assumptions of French casks, as it had so many exciting flavors and notes, but at the same time limited tannins, so this whiskey on the cask had lain a little longer than usual .

For this reason, Mosgaard Whiskey had chosen to leave the barrel next to this barrel when they came from the same batch. These dishes were made one after the other, and lay on the shelf next to it. There is no rule or guarantee that confirms that this dish had the same taste, but Mosgaard had chosen that this dish should stand alone, and we were lucky that it was an exciting experience.

In this barrel, Mosgaard whiskey got 88 bottles in total in this barrel.

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Mosgaard Whisky Single Cask French Oak 60,7%

Single Cask
Cask type: French Oak
Bottled: 29/12-2020
Bottles in all: 88
Strength: 60,7%
Contens: 50 cl.


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