Pike Road Pinot Noir Oregon 2022

Oregon with its cool, Burgundian climate is probably the best place in the New World to grow the grape Pinot Noir. Pike Road Pinot Noir is composed of grapes from Pike Road's own fields supplemented by the fruit of a few other winegrowers, all handpicked, hand-sorted and 100% Willamette Valley, the largest "AVA" (American Viticultural Area) in Oregon. The wine ferments in stainless steel tanks and is subsequently stored for 10 months in casks of 100% French oak.

Pike Road Wines sent their first bottles on the market in 2016. Behind the venture we find the Campbell family, who planted their first fields in 1974 and at the same time started the now well-known vineyard, Elk Cove.

The idea behind Pike Road Wines is to sell high quality wine made from grapes grown exclusively in the Willamette Valley, but at prices there are more available than what you normally see in the area. The new initiative was named after the road that snakes through the lush valley and continues deep into the Oregon Coast Range – the mountains that are so important to willamette valley's favorable cultivation conditions.  

At Pike Road, there is no reservation about buying grapes from other wine growers as long as the quality is top notch. On the contrary, we want to do their part to ensure that small farmers and family businesses around the Willamette Valley can survive, and in many cases the Campbell family has had decades of cooperation with these farmers! Therefore, several of the wines are made on both Pike Road's own grapes and batches from selected farmers in the area. They also stress that this 'multi-vinyard' method may in some cases produce a more complex wine.

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