Armagnac 1997 Laubade Bas Armagnac Château de Laubade AOP

The Château de Laubaude has been making armagnac of the highest quality since the beginning of the 18th century and was granted the status of the Château Appellation Contrôlée as early as 1855. Unfortunately, this was followed by a long period of decline in which both armagnac and castle were neglected. Jean-Jacques Lesgourgues bought the dilapidated castle in 1974 with the clear vision of completely restoring everything and lifting the armagnac to the grandeur of former times. The project has been very successful in this relatively short period, because today the Château de Laubade is not only among the largest, but also the absolute best properties in Armagnac. Single estate wine is produced for Laubade Armagnac on 260 hectares of land. The fields are planted with 47% Ugni Blanc, Baco 22a 30%, Folle Blanche 8% and Colombard 15%. Château de Laubade has the largest production of the fantastic Bacodrue, which adds a very special peppery spiciness and smoke to the armagnac. The castle is also the only armagnac producer to have its own coop. For this, the best Gascogne wood is selected from nearby forests, which is air-dried for no less than three years before being built into barrels for storing armagnac. These are perhaps some of the reasons why Château de Laubade is the only armagnac house that has been named World Class Distillery at the World Spirits Award for three years in a row (2010, 2011 and 2012). In the castle's Intemporal Nr. 5 was named the World's Best Brandy by the San Francisco Worlds Spirits in 2007.

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