Christian Drouin #17076 Vintage 1981 Calvados 42%

Christian Drouin
Vintage Calvados

Distilled in: 1981
Bottled in: 2017
Batch: 17076
Strength: 42%

Christian Drouin senior spent the first years producing Calvados without ever offering it for sale. These stocks, and those built up by his son, represent an extraordinary range of individual vintages of Calvados. Each year has its own style and its own particulas savous. The vintage years is that of distillation. The Calvados is aged in a serius of different casks. Its personality is thous forged by these different containers as the years go by. A whole collection of savours and fragrances is waiting to be discovered.

The Calvados House Christian Drouin was founded immediately after World War II by Christian Drouin, who had a goal of producing the world's best calvados. In 1960, the house decided to produce its own calvados - and the first bottling in the house's name took place about 20 years later. Since then, the house has received several awards for their products.
Today it is the son, Christian Drouin d. 2, who has taken over. In addition to the so-famous vintage calvados dating back to 1939, the house also produces a range of amazing blends.

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