Jean Fillioux Le Coq Grande Champagne Cognac 40%

This cognac is the youngest cognac that they present in their range, and is also the symbol of our house, the first cock (COQ) Design was made by the local priest in the 30s. It's also a nod to our village's name: Julian-Le-COQ

Jean Fillioux Cognac is a family-owned house, established in 1880. The house and its 25 ha of vineyards are located in the best of the best areas for cognac, namely Grande Champagne. La Poyade, which is the name of Jean Fillioux's residence, is located in the middle of the "Golden Triangle" between Verriéres, Angeac-Champagne and Juillac-Le Coq. Today, Pascal Fillioux, the fifth-generation descendant of the founder, Honoré Fillioux, is in charge of production. Pascal is a God-given master blender who is responsible for the entire production from harvesting the grapes to bottling the final cognac.

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