Elg Gin No. 2 46,3%

Elg no. 2

Elg no. 2 is an Old Tom gin, and is made by extracting juniper berries with alcohol for 3 weeks. This extract is subsequently added to Elg No. 1. This results in a dark brown extract that contains a wide range of flavors and sweetness that do not make it into the distillation process.

Contains 500 ml.

Elg gin is a Danish gin produced at Stone Grange Craft Distillery, which is located by Esrum Sø north of Copenhagen. For the different Elg gins, 3 botanicals have been used. Juniper berries, coriander and carrots. These are distilled separately on an advanced column distillation apparatus, which is why it is possible to produce a gin with extraordinary precision. This not only provides a unique purity and elegance in the distillate, but also allows for the same taste and aroma to be achieved in each batch. Elg Gin is produced in batches of 1,250 bottles, each labeled with batch and bottle number, and signed by master distiller Henrik Elsner, whose nickname is Elg.

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