Collectors Series No. 4 The Oddmar Edition 3 years old Georgia Rum 43%

Collectors Series No. 4 The Oddmar Edition
3 years old Georgia Rum 43,1%

The Oddmar Edition is a tribute to a great friend, who has taught us a lot about food and good spirits. Originallt, he´s from Norway, where he liked to go hunt with his uncle. So we could actually say that he´s the Norwegian version of Davy Crocket.

Back in early nineties the beaver hunting back to normal. And is was at that time Tommy´s uncle thought he would give him this beaver to cook for a great meal. He saved the beaver nin the freezer for a long time until his mother insisted that he remove the damn thing. She placed it in his car, where it spent the next 4 hours driving around until Tommy decided to hide the beaver at the hotel where he worked. Later when he made some research about cooking a Beaver, he and his friend decided to prepare a wonderful meal for his friend. At the hotel they took mushrooms and a lot other delicious to secure that this beaver would be well cocked and very tasteful. On a sunday morning after a long night in town and woth a decent hangover, they cooked the beaver. It was served for their friends who has never said no to a free meal. After they had eaten the beaver they were told what it was. And they got very silence. Except for this one guy who just wanted to known if he could get another serving. Afterall it was a free meal.
We dedicate this bottling to Tommy Oddmar Seilen and his uncle Oddmar.

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Collectors Series No. 4 The Oddmar Edition
Georgia USA Rum

Single Estate
Distillery: Richland distillery
Age: 3 years
Based in sugar cane syrup
Distilled in a copper pot-still
Bottled: June 2021
Aged in: American Oak cask
continental ageing
Bottles in all: 246
Strength: 43,1%


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