A H Riise Non Plus Ultra La Galante 43,4%

A. H. Riise Non Plus Ultra La Galante 43,4%

The Flagship of the Non Plus Ultra series:
"La Galante" is named after Columbus´ship Santa Maria La Galante, which he led when he discovered St. Croix and the West Indies. This exclusive Limited Edition blend is made from premium rum from the West Indied and carefully selected rum distilleries in Central America. Every single cask is carefully selected in order to create a superior matured blend that captures the essence of the West Indies and the flora of the Island.

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A. H. Riise Non Plus Ultra La Galante 43.4%

Tasting Notes:
Nose: An inciting scent of orange, caramel, creme brulé and vanilla with notes of mahogany and aromatic Bay Rum wood that grows wild in the West Indies.
Taste: Complex, full-bodied and smooth spicy taste with a touch of orange, creamy vanilla and lemon with notes from oak casks of the finest quality.
Finish: Rich and creamy with notes from the initial taste that gradually fade into a long aftertaste.

St. Croix - The garden of the West Indies.
- A pure taste of history
If rum has an absolute origin, ot must be in the West Indies. Christopher Columbus discoverd the island on his secon voyage to the New World in 1493. With him he brought, among other things, sugar can. The most suitable island for growing sugar canes was St. Croix. Due to its lush nature, it was nicknamed "The garden of the West Indies".
St. Croix was the center of sugar cane agriculture in the Danish West Indies from the early 1700s. But sugar was not the only commodity. It soon became aooarent that the resudial product molasses could be used for the distillation of a sweet, aromatic alcohol.
One of the pioneers on the production of West Indies rum was the Danish pharmacist Albert Heinrich Riise, who lived and worked on the Danish West Indies from 1838-to 1878. His pharmacy in the capital Charlotte Amalie on St. Thomas, produced bitters and rum as medice for stomach pains and other sicknesses, and in 1893 the old A.H. Riise company placed Danish West Indies rum on the world map under the trademark Old St.Croix.
Non Plus Ultra La Galante is a tribute to the 150t anniversary of this accomplishment.


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