A H Riise Signature Master Blender Collection 43,9%

A. H. Riise
Signature Master Blender Collection

Batch no: 11
Bottled in: 2021
Bottles in all: 1609
Strength: 43,9%

An exceptional drink for some well-deserved self-pampering.

A.H. Riise is known for being uncompromising when it comes to creating the ultimative drink.

Albert Heinrich Riise, the son of a sailor from the wonderful Danish island of Ærø, who travelled the world and set up as a pharmacist and rum maker in the West Indies, was a restless soul and made both rum and went on expeditions to hunt for new species in the plant or animal kingdom. A great many plant, amphibians and fish have the world "Riisea" in their Latin name, thus after the man who first discovered and described the new spicies.

To his contemporaries, A.H. Riise was known for his uncompromising approach to his work and the same can said of the company A.H. Riise today when we create the ultimate drink.

A.H. Riise´s "Master Blender Collection" is composed of the best casks we have. In pther words, "Master Blender Collection" is a meticulous blend with the best and most refined spirits we have been able to get our hands on.

"Master Blender Collection" is made as Small Batch, yet we strive to ensure that each batch is an accurate reproduction of the preceding batch. However, with such small batches, minor differences in tastes, aromas amd colour are bound to occur. It is all part of the charm and adventure, if you ask us, and only goes to show the craftmansship needed to create such a blend.

The bottle is sharped like a pyramid. In fact, the world pyramidicial can also mean "colossal" and "second to none". In all modesty, that is exactly what we believe to have created with "A.H. Riise Signature", which is part of the A.H. Riise "Master Blender

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A. H. Riise Signature Master Blender Collection 43.9%

Tasting Notes:
Nose: A most fascination nose - ripe tropical fruits, coconuts and toffee accompanied by cool minty notes.
Taste: Highly complex and increadibly smooth. Glazed citrus and apricots entangled in toasted coconut with a touch of eucalyptus.
Finish: A true symphony of ripe tropical fruits and toffee. Subtle minty notes add oerfect harmony to this long everlasting finish.


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