A H Riise XO Reserve Superior Cask 40%

A H Riise XO Reserve Superior Cask 40%

Royal Order of Vasa:
A swedish order of knighthood, awarded for service to state and society especially in the fields of agriculture and commerce. In 1873 Riise was rewarded the title of Knight of the Royal Order of Vasa as "He supplied the Royal Karolinska institute an exquisite collection if West Indian medicinal herbs" and the "Swedish Museum of Natural History with and excellent collection of West Indied animals.

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A H Riise XO Reserve Superior Cask 40%

Tasting notes:
Nose: A light, chilled mint fragrance, over toffee and leather and a hint of citrus.
Taste: Full-bodied eucalyptus, plum-filled tarte tatin and a hint of white tea with bergamot.
Finish: Leather and bergomot tone our gradually.

Riise´s weird and wonderful creatures:
Riise´s vast collection of herbs, plants and conches can now be found on the Zoological Museum in Copenhagen, as well as in museums in Stockholm and Oslo. A wide range of animal species are named after the reowned Danish scientist and phamacist:
The Corynopoma Riisei, or sqordtail characin, is a special spices of freshwater which is well-suited to aquariums. It was found in Trinidad and named by Theodore Gill in 1858.


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