Beenleigh 15 Years Old Australian Rum 65,2% Silver Seal Whisky Company

Beenleigh #173 15 years old Australian Rum 65,2% 2023
Silver Seal Whisky Company

Beenleigh is the oldest registered distillery in Australia, established in 1884 as the legal successor to the SS Walrus, a floating moonshine still that was sailed between sugarcane plantations to avoid the local police. The boat’s still was used to open the distillery, which prospered during the 20th century, out-selling its rivals Bundaberg brand during the 1960s and 70s. Subsequent decades were less favourable however, seeing it lose its market share amongst a series of ownership changes. The discontinued Beenleigh brand was resurrected by Stuart Gilbert in 2000 however, and when he sold it to VOK Beverages in 2012, they also bought the old distillery, reuniting the two and ushering in a second age of Beenleigh rum production. The distillery operates a continuous column still installed in 1981, and a copper pot still dating from 1887.

Silver Seal was founded by Ernesto Mainardi in 2000. This was Mainardi's second bottling company after the esteemed Sestane in 1979. Both companies were sold to Massimo Righi in 2010, with Ernesto's original releases becoming increasingly prized possessions by collectors.

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Beenleigh #173 15 years old Australian Rum 65,2% 2023
Silver Seal Whisky Company

Distilled at: Beenleigh
Distilled in: 2007
Bottled in: 2023
Aged: 15 years old
Cask no.: 173
Strength: 65,2%
Bottles in all: 259
Bottled in Scotland


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