Plantation Original Dark Rum 40%

Plantation Original Dark
Jamaica & Barbados Rum 40%

The essence of Plantation Original Rum lies in its truly rich taste. This rum is made as it was in the olden days, when it was highly flavoursome. We handpick each barrel, one by one, and blend elegant double-aged rum from Barbados with a smaller quantity of rich, high ester, pot-still Jamaican rum that has been extensivily matured. This precious rum nectar imparts an ancient touch which some aficionados call the "rum funk". In former days out in the Caribean, it was called the "HOGO", a term derived from the French ´Haut Goût´, which means ´High Taste´ I learned from an old cellar master that this is the way rum was blended in 18th and 19th centuries.
A. Gabriel - Master Bender

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Plantation Original Dark
Jamaica & Barbados rum 40%

Plantation double ageing
Using an ancient technique typical of the golden age of rum, Plantation Original Dark is first matured in heavily charred American Oak barrels in the tropical climate of Caribean. This initial ageing process imparts full-bodied flavoursand a deep colour. Award-winning Cellar Master Alexandre Gabriel then hand-picks the best barrels and ships to rhe Château de Bonbonnet in France, where they are then aged a second time in medium-toasted French oak barrels that imparts pleasant, spicy tannin notes.
This special double-ageing process gives Plantation Rum its incomparable character and endowts it with a style of worthy of the finest spirits.

Tasting notes: (Experts says)
"Plantation Original Dark rum is delightful expression that delivers rich, warm tones of authentic Caribbean spirit. This well-balanced blend is wonderful when sipped on ice. It is also highly recommended for cocktails worthy of a full-bodied rum component" says Robert Burr, publisher of Rob´s Rum Guide.


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