Santos Dumont XO Blended Rum 40%

Santos Dumont XO
Superior spirit drink made from premium matured rum from Brazil, Centen America & West Indies.

Santos Dumont is a rum based spirit drink made both molasses and cane juice. Conventional rums are generally into either English, Spanish or French. This is something else entirely. We have created the perfect balanced between the traditional slow fermented molasses distillates from the West Indies and Central America with the traditional cane juice from Brazil. "Santos Dumont XO" blend is truely in a category all of its own.
The peerless "Santos Dumont XO" inherits its variaty of aromatic flavour from years in beautiful old barrels, which creates a smooth, rich and warm taste of ripe fruits and honey-like flavours. The precious drops touch the palate with a pleasant viscosity and a buttery feel oin the tongue. The experience finishes with a velvety soft and delicately sweet aftertaste with notes of vanilla and coconut.

This excellent bottle is named in honour of Alberto Santon Dumont (20th july 1873 - 23rd july 1932) who was a world-famous aviation pioneer, aristocrat, celebrity and style icon. He was the heir of a wealty family known as the coffee kings of Brazil, and from the sugar cane grown on the plantation, they distilled cachaca.
In 1891, Santon Dumont moved to French, where he designed, built and flew his first airship. His conquest of the air began, in particular, with winning the "Deutsch De La Meurthe" prize in october 1901 where he flew round the Eiffel Tower. This event made him one of the most famous people of the early 20th century. In 1904 Alberto Santos Dumont complained to his friend Louis Cartier of the unreliability and impracticality of using pocket watches while flying. Cartier consequently designed a flat wristwatch with a distinctive square bezel. This unique watch was liked by not only Santos Dumont himself but also many other appreciative new customers. The "Santos" was Cartier´s first men´s wristwatch.

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