Ultrapres Belgian Beer Liquor

Ultrapres Beer liqueur - enjoyed hot with whipped cream. It is an exciting beer that should be enjoyed after dinner, after or for coffee, after a hard day at work. The name is a contraction of Ultra and the French après, which means "after". And it is precisely quite "after" it should be enjoyed. Ultrapres beer liqueur comes from the small Belgian brewery Brasserie d´Esaussinnes. The brewery started in 1897 by making Ultra Amber for the locals in Ecaussiness in Belgium. In 1970, the then brewery moved 30 km away to a nearby town, but the character of the water could not make the beer taste the same way. Therefore, the brewmaster closed the brewery 2 years later. In 1999, Hugues and Isabel Van Poucke rebuilt the brewery in an old idyllic country house near the original brewery in Ecaussinnes. With used equipment from the Czech Republic and knowledge of ancient traditions, Hugues and Isabel recreate the original beer - the Ultra Amber Beer liqueur is distilled on the beer Ultra Delice, which is a dark beer with lots of sweetness and spice. Hot beer with whipped cream is served in a 2 - 3 cl. glass with whipped cream on top. The beer can possibly be heated in a microwave oven for 5 - 10 sec. to approx. 50 degrees. The beer can also be heated in a pan to approx. 50 degrees.

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