Wild Destillery Fuck det er godt vodka 40%

Wild Distillery
"Fuck it's good vodka"

Distillery: Wild Distillery - Bornholm
Distilled: 5 times
Strength: 40%

The graphic expression is a result with Poul Pava (Painter and craftsman), and the vodka bottle differs from anything you have seen before by being both exuberant in its expression and slightly provocative in its title.
"Fuck it's good Vodka"

Henrik Nerst (Master Distiller at Wild Distillery) and Poul Pava have known each other for a number of years, where they have both been business restaurateurs on the island of Bornholm.

Poul Oava talks about his initiative for the collaboration: I went down to Henrik at his micro-distillery and asked if I should make designs for some of his products.
Henrik is a perfectionist, and I'm probably a bit crazy. My first suggestion for a title was: "Invite a friend if you have one, or better yet drink it yourself".
Poul Pava also talks about their collaboration: I came back to Henrik with the suggestion: "Fuck it's good vodka", and Henrik agreed. Henrik also believed that we need humor in these times.

After all, the vodka is produced on Bornholm and it tastes fantastic - So "Fuck it's good vodka" couldn't be more comprehensive.

Henrik is particular about his things and I probably a little more wild and it is these two qualities that make us work well together. And to be completely honest, I personally didn't quite believe that we could agree on this setup.

It has gone well, as long as Henrik has been allowed to steer the ship's direction, otherwise we would probably have run aground a long time ago.

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