Ardbeg Heavy Vapours Islay Single Malt Whisky 46%

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours
Islay Single Malt Whisky 46%

The story so far...

It started with a destress signal from Islay. As Agent 46 stepped through the time stitch into the Distillery, thick clouds of heavy vapour enveloped her, filling the lungs.

Dropping to the ground, she sucked in the clean sea air as a small dog emerged from the gloom. Thinking quickly, she looped her belt through his collar. They fought their way through the thick vapours as he led her to the Still House and a shock discovery - the purifier was gone...

The heavy vapours were accomulating and breaching the foors. Instantly, the barking dog seized the hem of Agent´s copper rain mac in its jaws, pulling her towerds the still.

A missing purifier.
A draw forsaken.
Heavy vapours will rise.

Things just got heavy in the ardverse....

Something weird is going down at the Distillery. The legendary purifier - responsible for Ardbeg´s exalted balance - is nowhere to be seen. And thís whisky is the consequence.

The harmony between peat and floral fruitness has been disrupted. What have risen are the untamed darker fruitness and notes, gathering and filling the senses. It is an ominous of dramatic, aromatic pungency.

Intimidating palls of SMOKE loon large with a lingering cloying sweetness. A burst of bittersweet SURGES, disturbing ashy coal DUST and casting a HAZE of cardamom. Mentholic eucalyptus ROLLS IN, OBSCURING the fruit and floral notes usually found at the heart of Ardbeg. In fact, this is the most FULL-BLOWN Ardbeg ever.

Who can restore the balance? Is there a saviour of the ARDverse? Read on...

Agent 46 - AKA Jackie, committee Chair & Interplane
In the year 2023, in the time plane dimension known as planet Ardbeg day, all will be revealed.


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