Kilkerran 12 years old campbeltown Single Malt Whisky 46%

Campbeltown Single Scotch Whisky

Distilled at: Glengyle Distillery
Aged: 12 years old
Bottled: 20/04/2021
Region: Campbeltown
Not chill filtered - No added colouring
Strength: 46%

Michell´s Glengyle Ltd. are very proud to be continuing and adding to the great Campbeltown Distilling and the choice of name reflect that. Kilkerran is derived from the Gaelic ´Ceann Loch Cille Chiarain´ which is the name of the original settlement where Saint Kieran had his religious cell and Campbeltown stands.

Kilkerran is througth to be a suitable name for a new Campbeltown Malt since it was unusual for a old Campbeltown distilleries to be called after a Glen, a custom more usually associated with the Speyside region.

In 2000, Hedley Wright, who also owns Springbank, managed to purchase the buildings with the aim of re-establishing the distillery. It took four years to find the necessary equipment and to have the buildings renovated. Some of the distillery's equipment is new, while some has been acquired from partly Craigellachie and partly the closed highland distillery Ben Wyvis, which operated in the period from 1965-77 at the grain distillery Invergordon.
The distillery was originally named Glengyle, but unfortunately it is not currently possible to bottle the whiskey under the distillery's name. There is already a blend with the same name, which is why the name Kilkerran was chosen as the name for the whiskey from Glengyle.

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