Mortlach 1957 Ping no 5 50 year old Old Rare Old Decanter 41,7%

Mortlach 1957 "PING V"
Rare Old Single Malt Whisky

About Mortlach Distillery
Mortlach´s main claim to fame is that it was the first of seven destilleries to be built in and around Dufftown. The distillery operates a unique distillation process which distills the spirit 2½ times. This, combined with the warm tubs used to condense the spirit, give the whisky the complexity for which ot os reowned. This also makes the whisky suitable for longer ageing. Unlike most distilleries in Scotland. Mortlach was given permission to remain in production during most of World War 2.

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Mortlach 1957 "PING V"
Rare old single malt whisky

Cask Type: Refill Sherry Hogshead
Cask number: 3019
Date of destillation: 21.05.1957
Date of bottling: 21.05.2007
Bottling strength: Bottled at cask strength:

Cask Notes:
The cask was warehoused at Mortlach Distillery until 16.08.1982 then moved to Elgin. The cask was filled at 10,9 degrees overproof, meaning it was filled at 110,9 degrees proof, which equeates to 63,4% ABV. The cask originally contained 54½ bulk gallons, which equates to 247⅔ litres.

Tasting notes:
Burnished amber with a golden glow.

Soft and fresh red fruits. Dark cherries and juicy apples glazed with icing sugar and cinnamon. Some orange and chocolate aromes hide beneth the initial red fruits. A smooth fragrance of viols and very old fortyfiel winesm - tawny port dry Olotoso sherry, lingers for a long time.

Sweet orange and malted barely sugar nourishes and palate. Then soft dry Latakia tobacco leaves, mulled apple wine, pine resins and dusty peppercorns. Dry and oily apricots, hazelnuts and sweet sligthly dry sherry oak, slowly finish this aphrodistic malt whisky.

Surprisingly fruity, smooth and mouth filling. The whisky coast the palate and tickles the salivary gland with great euphoriant effect. This is a perfect image of elegance, long selective maturation and thoughtfulness.


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