Nikka Miyagikyo Discovery Peated 2021 48%

Nikka owns 2 whiskey distilleries, which are Yoichi which started back in 1936 and Miyagikyo which was created in 1968.

The Yoichi distillery's whiskeys are usually heavily smoked and heavy in style, where Yoichi is one of the last distilleries in the world, where the boilers are "direct fired" and every 8 minutes an employee has to shovel charcoal in the oven under the boiler.

The Miyagikyo distillery has laid the style much lighter than Yoichi and looks more like whiskey from "Speyside". The boilers are larger and heated with steam, and the pipes from the boilers to the condenser go upwards. Since 2017, Nikka has also made vodka and gin at Coffey stills on Miyagikyo.

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