Taylors 1965 single Harvest "Very old port"

Taylor’s extensive cask aged reserves include a collection of very rare and valuable Single Harvest Ports.  Not to be confused with Vintage Ports, which age in bottle, Single Harvest Ports are wines of a single year which have been aged in seasoned oak casks.   They display the date of the harvest on the label.  These wonderfully mellow,  complex wines have been aged to full maturity and are ready to drink when bottled.
Every year, Taylor’s makes a limited release of a Single Harvest Port made 50 years previously.   These are the perfect wines with which to celebrate a 50th anniversary or birthday and are presented in attractive wooden gift boxes.
The Taylor’s 1964 Single Harvest Port, released in 2014, is followed by the wonderfully fine and smooth Single Harvest 1965, with its seductive tawny colour, fine complex nose and smooth silky palate.  Taylor’s will make further releases of 50 year old Single Harvest Ports in the coming years.
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