Jean Fillioux 1894 L´Eveil Des Sens 41%

Jean Fillioux 1894
Grande Champagne Cognac

It was love at first sight that led Honoré Fillioux, the founder of the "Jean Fillioux" cognac, to buy Domaine de La Pouyade on December 27, 1894.
After just one look at the gentle, scented hills and the lovely estate neatly positioned within its courtyard, perched on sun-drenched slopes and surrounded by grandeur in the heart of Grande Champagne (Cognac's Premier Cru Vineyards), his heart was won. The beautiful manor house with its slate roof brought style to this traditional winery and the presence of a 12th century well hinted at a rich past. Honoré stepped on its white limestone land, held its soil in his hand, let it run through his fingers and breathed in its smell. Emerging from the darkness of the cellars, which were neither too dry nor damp, were enchanting smells. His heart and all his senses were touched by the great beauty of it all, and what it promised for the future.

Yes, it was here that Honoré would settle down and found the "Jean Fillioux" dynasty,

Ever since then, the House of Jean Fillioux Cognac has, with each passing year, faithfully practiced the time-honored, authentic movements forever etched in the clan's memory: the vineyard tasks, the harvest, the vinification, distillation, ageing, blending and bottling.

Today, this unique heritage is preciously nurtured, looked after and enhanced by fourth generation owner Pascal J. Fillioux as he patiently hands over the reins to his son Christophe, who takes on his role with great passion and determination. This heritage is both their roots and their identity. Successive generations of tireless work in the market and the family's deep-rooted attachment to their land have managed to establish the reputation of "Jean Fillioux" all over the world

From this fine and precious heritage, from the darkness of the shadows to the light of day, 1894 L'Éveil des Sens has just been "born".

"1894 - L'Eveil des Sens" is known as Jean Fillioux's oldest blend to date and was made in 2012 by Pascal Fillioux (Christophe's father). There are 101 carafes of crystal "Daum" in total. It contains parts of the oldest vintages we have had here: 1924, 1948, 1953... It was a tribute to the work of previous generations and 1894 was the year Honoré bought the estate "La Pouyade".

This cognac contains 1 liter.

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