Lheraud Cognac Charles X 43%

Lheraud Cognac Charles X
Petite Champagne - Cognac

Cognac Charles X
30 years old - Luxurious and complex cognac, lots of length, hints of vanilla and crème brûlée, and hints of candied pears.

Alexandre Lhéraud began cultivating his land in 1680 in the town of Lasdoux, which is located in the Charente near the Cognac district. Over the years, the production of quality cognac has really evolved. Cogcan Lhéraud's method for the production of cognac is very, very old and is reserved only for Guy Lhéraud. Cognac Lhéraud is also called "the water of life".
There is absolutely no caramel added to any of Lhéraud's cognac, as the beautiful colors in the cognac only come from the storage of the cognac in the oak casks.

We hereby guarantee the authenticity.
Lhéraud Angeac-Charente on January 10, 2014

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