Sir Edmond Gin 40%

The journey begins with the selection of fine raw botanicals, this is the heart and soul of Sir Edmond gin. . Botanicals are carefully selected to create a unique and delicate formula. With my love of vanilla, Sir Edmond Gin could do nothing but bring it into the recipe. A smooth and harmonious gin and most importantly different. It is an ongoing adventure without limits or end. Herman Jansen is a family - owned distillery located in Schiedam, the Netherlands, and has been producing spirits since 1777. For over seven generations, the family dedicated their lives to building a business based on honesty and quality. Since then, the Dutch gin distillery has developed into a global company offering a wide and modern range of spirits worldwide. Under the leadership of the master distillery, two product developers and three beverage producers form the production team with over one hundred years of experience. Their hard work makes Herman Jansen an international player. Dedicated craftsmanship, combined with sound knowledge and their open approach to collaborations, earned them world fame in distillation and gave them the honorable Distillery of the Year award and the prestigious classification of World Class Distillery in 2012 and 2016.

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