Plantation Vintage Collection N. 3 Terravera Barbados 2007 48,7%

Plantation Rum Barbados
Vintage Collection N°3 – Terravera

Join us in celebration of the 130th Anniversary of one of the most legendary distilleries of the Carribean, West Indies Rum Distillery, home of Plantation Rum. For this occasion Alexandre Gabriel, our Master Blender presents a unique expression limited to only 20 casks.

Through the distinctive double-ageing method og Plantation Rum, this vintage was matured for 2 years in Brighton beach, Barbados. After which, it embarks on a maritime voyage to south-west France, where ot spends an additional 14 years ageing in ex-Ferrand casks.

The West Indies Rum Distillery is the cornerstone og Barbados rum production for 130 years. Honouring the blending technique cherished on the island, the Barbados 2007 rum unites both pot and column distillation. This vintage is a layered expression that captives the senses.

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Plantation Rum Barbados
Vintage Collection N°3 – Terravera

One-Time Limited Edition
Distillery: West Indies Rum Distillery
Raw material: Molasses
Fermentation: 3 days
Distillation: Pot and Column still
Distillation year: 2007
Aged until: 2023
Tropical ageing: 2 Years - Brighton, Barbados
Continental ageing: 14 years - Javrezac, France
Esters: 40 g/hl AA
Dosage: 2 g/l.
Strength: 48,7%


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