Graham 2000 Vintage Port

early 1820 Graham's traded in textiles. However, a customer could not pay his overdue bill to the company's branch in Porto, and he therefore had to accept 27 pipes (casks) of port wine as payment. However, the wine was sold with such great success that the company was even encouraged to repeat the trade. Grahams quickly built up a good reputation in port wine, and by the end of the 19th century it was not only one of the greatest shippers, but also one of the most recognized. In 1882, the young Scot, Andrew James Symington, was hired, but after a few years, he moved on into the world of port wine. But - when Graham's had financial problems in 1970 and thus a need for capital injections, Symington's grandchildren took the opportunity to buy the house. Today, the Symington family holds a very central position in port wine, as they now own a number of the best houses. Robert Parker also had the following comment on Graham's: "The most consistent producer of great port in the post worldwar 2 era". Late Bottled Vintage differs from Vintage Port in two points. On the one hand, it is produced in both declared and undeclared vintages, and on the other hand, it undergoes 4-6 years of storage in oak barrels before being bottled. This provides a more open and welcoming Gate, and unlike the Vintage Gate, it does not need additional storage to show its full potential.

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