Kranemann Vintage 2009

This port wine is the result of a meticulous selection of our very best grapes, harvested under extraordinary conditions to produce a wine of unparalleled quality and a lifetime that will stretch for decades.

Intense Color, Delicate Aromas

As a young wine, Kranemann Vintage reveals itself with deep color intensity and tantalizes the senses with a delightful scent of red fruits and subtle floral notes. It is a sensory experience like no other. This port wine will take you on a journey through a world of flavors and nuances that evolve in the glass.

Extraordinary Structure and Strength

Kranemann Vintage Port wine is not just a drink; it is an experience. This port wine is remarkable in its structure, with a complexity that can only be achieved through dedication and craftsmanship. Every drop is a tribute to the rich heritage of port wine.

The Beauty of Aging

While Kranemann Vintage Port wine can be enjoyed in its youth, it holds deep aging potential. Over time, the taste will develop and mature, and this port wine will transform into an even more sublime and alluring beverage.

A True Rarity

The blend of traditional Douro varieties in this vintage is an art in itself. With only 3250 bottles available in this vintage, it is an exclusive treasure for those who appreciate the extraordinary and the timeless.

Discover Kranemann Vintage Port wine and let yourself be enchanted by a wine created with heart, soul, and unwavering devotion to the art of winemaking. This is not just a port wine; it is a jewel in your collection, a tribute to life's finest moments. Cheers to quality and tradition!

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