Rozés Colheita 1950

Rozès was founded in 1855 in Bordeaux by M. Ostende Rozès. A few years later, the trade in port wine began, a success for which one can today thank the son Edmond Rozès. In 1938, Rozès established itself in Vila Nova de Gaia, and by this time the company was already known for very fine quality port wine. The activities were stopped during World War II, but resumed in 1959. Until 1974, the company continued as a family business, after which it was sold to Pedro Domecq S.A. - Luxembourg. In 1977 the company was taken over by Moet Hennesy S.A., and in 1999 Rozès Port was taken over by the champagne company Vranken Monopole / Pommery. Rozès bought this Colheita in 2017 at an auction of rare wines from Casa do Douro. Casa do Douro was set up in 1932, when the economic situation was not very good in Portugal. As a result of the Depression following the 1929 Wall Street crash, there was high unemployment in the Douro Valley and generally bad economic times throughout Portugal. The repercussions after the Wall Street crash could be clearly felt in the export of port wine, where there was a marked decline in both sales prices and the amount of port wine exported. To minimize the crisis in the Douro region, the first intervention in the production sector was carried out by the Portuguese State, which wanted to regulate the relationship between the parties involved. Therefore, at the end of 1932, Casa do Douro was set up as an association of wine growers with compulsory membership under state control. Casa do Douro was to represent Douro's agriculture, and the aim was self-regulation by limiting the production of port wine and thus regulating supply as well as setting minimum prices for the purchase of grapes from wine growers. Casa do Douro also became responsible for granting credit to the winegrowers. When Portugal joined the EU in 1986, Casa do Douro lost its role as market regulator, and in December 2015, Casa do Douro was considered repealed. But during the period when Casa do Douro was active in the market, a lot of old port wines were brought together.

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