Taylors 50 years old tawny

Taylors Golden Age
Very Old Tawny Port

Blended from rare wood-aged ports matured for five decades in oak casks, Taylor´s Golden Age tawny is a speciel collector´s edition port released in very limited quantities.

This 50 year old Tawny was sourced in the eastern reaches of the Douro Valley, location of many of the finest vineyard estates and wines. Prior to blending, the individual wines were aged in Taylor´s cellars in seasoned oak casks specially selected abd set aside by the firm´s team of expert coopers. After a half century in cask, this exceptional wine has reached the ´Golden Age´of maturity, the point at which is achieves perfect balance , a magical complexity and a seductive smoothness and density.

Taylor´s Golden Age Tawny is the perfect wine with which to commemorate a half century, be it a 50th anniversary or a five-decade landmark or achievement.

Taylor´s ports reprents over three and a quarter centuries of family tradition that began with the foundation of Taylor Fladgate & Yeatman in 1692. A heritage of skill and experince passed down the generations ensures that every Taylor´s port is made to the highest standard.

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