Glenfarclas 30 years old Highland Single malt whisky 43%

Glenfarclas 30 years old
Highland Single Malt Whisky 43%

Natural colour, complex aromas with fruit and full sherry malty tones. Cognac, brandy, nuts, marzipan and icing. Burnt chocolate at the back of your mouth.

Excellent single malt from the Glenfarclas distillery, aged for 30 years. Three decades of maturation has resulted in a wonderfully full-bodied, satisfying Sherried and all-around fantastic flavor profile. Now presented with a box designed as
a tribute to the unmistakable red door of the Glenfarclas warehouse.

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Glenfarclas, family-owned in the sixth generation, is one of Scotland's most beloved distilleries. The whiskey is classic, old-school Speyside, and the distillery is especially known for being an expert in storage on sherry casks, with a very special relationship to the bodega José y Miguel Martin, who delivers all their sherry casks, "seasoned", as it is called, with Oloroso. Funnily enough, this bodega is actually located in Huelva, outside the sherry triangle, and it can therefore be discussed whether it is right to call them "sherry barrels". One thing is for sure though - there are not many pleasures as sublime as an ancient Glenfarclas. It is a large, robust whiskey that can withstand exceptionally long storage - something that may be partly due to a reportedly ultra-low angel's share in their cool dunnage stocks. George Grant has stated that the annual evaporation is as low as 0.3% per year, while the average in Scotland is close to 3%!

Thick books could be written about Glenfarclas ’many historical bottlings, and a few of them are landmark enough to mention here. Glenfarclas 105 is said to be the first, commercially available "cask strength" single malt. The whiskey, which always holds 60% alcohol, is just as popular today as when it was released in 1968. The Family Casks series was launched in 2007, and contains some of Glenfarclas' best casks, from every single vintage since 1954! Many of these are classics today.


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