Tomatin 1971 #30041 Warehouse 6 Collection Highland Single Malt Whisky 45,8%

Tomatin 1971
Warehouse 6 Collection - A series of exclusive releases.

Distilled at: Tomatin
Distilled: 07.08.1971
Bottled: 16.05.2016
Cask no.: 30041
Bottles in all: 252
Strength: 45.8%

In the heart of the distillery grounds there is a quit corner. In this scared surrounds site our traditional dunnage warehouse. Within, our most treasure casks.

These exclusive casks enjoy a magnificent atmoshere, laid low on antique wooden rails above cool earthen floor and stacked single level. - Unencumbered - so our warehousemen may keeo vigil on the gently maturing spirit. At Tomatin´s very core, warehouse 6, is a truely special place.

Filled on 7. August, 1971, this whisky was soon singled out a special. Lying undisturbed in warehouse 6 the preccious spirit gently matured in a hand-selected Spanish Oloroso Sherry Cask, developing natural, subtle fruit tones. Time - indeed four and a half decades of wachtful waiting by the cask´s custodians - has seen this exclusive expression instilled with great dept and rich flavours. With patience comes reward - Forty-four years after it was declared extraordinary by his forebears, distillery manager, Graham Eunson, believes Cask No.: 30041 to be at its peak. In perfect harmony aromas of almond, plum, ginger cake and marzipan merge with warm flavours of caramel, dark chocolate, coffee and winter fruits before a rich, refined, lingering finish.

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