Pierre de Segonzac Ancestrale Grande Champagne Cognac

Pierre de Segonzac Ancestral Limited Edition
Grande Champagne Cognac

This truly unique cognac has been edited into replica bottles used centuries ago. Cognac comes exclusively from grapes grown in the heart of Grande Champagne, first and best cru of cognac controlled area. It has been distilled twice in an 18 hl Charentais alembic with fine stills.

Abel and Lucie, André and Marguerite grandparents and parents of Pierre de Segonzac born 1930 patiently aged their eua-de-vie in oak casks in their "paradise" the hidden cellar where the bouilleur-de-cru keeps their best and oldest barrels.

Behind the name Pierre de Segonzac hides a family business that began way back in 1702, when Jacques, the family's ancestor, started distilling and storing the products from his vineyards. His descendants have wanted to continue the tradition of producing Cognac of the highest quality.

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Pierre de Segonzac Ancestral Limited Edition
Grande Champagne Cognac

Mahogany in colour, this exceptional cognac has a very subtle nose and melt a wonderful balance between complex aromas of walnuts and cocoa. It combines roundness, bouquet and last in mouth for endless moments of a unique experince.
Only a small part pf the legacy is extracted from the cellars of Pierre de Segonzac each year at la Nérolle Domain.

Bottles in all: 300


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