Taylors 80 years Very Very Old Tawny

Taylors Very Very Old Tawny Port

The VVOP is the lastest in a series of Limited Releases of very fine and rare Ports frawn from Taylors tresure of very old cask-aged reserves.
This unique hors d´âge blend is one of the oldest wines released to date. It is made up of a selection of rare lots matured in barrels in Taylors cellars, in some cases before the Second World War.

The sublime, complex character of Taylors Ver Very Old Port was born magical interaction with the oak casks, in which the wine was nurtured over many decades of ageing in the company´s cellar. It represents the legacy of ancestral knowledge passed down from one generation to the next since the company´s foundation in 1692:
The skills of Taylors practised team of coopers, who crafted the casks and maintained them over years: the expertise of the cellars masters, who cared for the wine during its long journey in time: and the art of blendersm which gave the VVOP its exceptional balance and finesse.

A masterpiece of casks ageing, the VVOP confirm Taylors place as leader in the production of the finest cask aged Ports of great age.


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