Plantation Black Cask 2022 Barbados & Cuba 40%

Plantation Rum Black Cask 2022
Barbados and Cuba 40%

This rum is a result of unique double-ageing process which gives the rum great complexity, refinement and subtle toasted notes.
Following a distillation in Barbados and Cuba, the rum is aged in its countries of origin for several years in 200-liter white oak casks. It is then shipped to the southwest of France, where it is matured in small, heavily toasted French oak casks which give the rum its delicate smoky notes.


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Plantation Rum Black Cask 2022
Barbados and Cuba 40%

Double Aged Rum
Nose: Very intense and fresh, its starts on honey, apple blossom, cooked banana, lime and vanilla, followed by coconut, coffee and almond.

Palate: A pastry taste with a nice freshness, starting with apricot, cooked pear and lemon peel followed by custard and nutmeg, evolving on praline and spicy oak.

Finale: Long and sweet on banana, green apple, Tonka bean, caramel and cinnamon.

A Flavourfull and well-balanced rum fro Barbados and Cuba.


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