Plantation Rum Single Cask Barbados 2014 47,9% 14. udgave Eriksen Vinhandel

Plantation Rum Single Cask Barbados 2014 47.9%
14th edition of Eriksen Vinhandel

Distillery: West Indies Rum Distillery
Year: 2014
Tropical ageing: 6 years in Bourbon casks
Continental ageing: 2 years in Ferrand cognac casks
Aged 1 year further in Rivesalte's wine barrels

Barbados 2014, 14th edition of Eriksen Vinhandel, is an extremely exclusive limited edition rum, made with a careful aging process, resulting in a distinctive and complex flavor profile.

Aging process:
6 years in bourbon casks: The rum begins its aging journey with a six-year maturation period in carefully selected bourbon casks. This extended aging allows the spirit to absorb the classic bourbon characteristics of vanilla, caramel and oak, leading to a smooth and robust foundation.

2 years in Ferrand Cognac casks: After aging in bourbon casks, the rum goes through another year of maturation in Ferrand cognac casks. This phase adds depth, complexity and a velvety texture to rums along with subtle cognac notes.

1 year in Rivesaltes wine barrels: To give the rum a unique and sophisticated twist, it spends a final year maturing in Rivesaltes wine barrels. This final step introduces a lovely wine influence that contributes fruity and aromatic notes that complement the rum's existing characteristics.

The result is a masterfully crafted rum that seamlessly blends the rich bourbon notes with the nuanced influence of cognac and wine barrel aging. The flavor profile is a harmonious combination of vanilla, caramel, oak and a lovely fruity undertone.

Barbados 2014, the 14th edition of Eriksen Vinhandel, is a unique choice for connoisseurs who appreciate the art of rum and seek an exclusive, limited edition for their collection. Cheers to an extraordinary space experience!

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